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HallaBack is your #1 source for all things HipHop and urban life, Here you are welcome to share videos, stories, news, gossip, mixed tapes announcements, Hiphop singles and all things related to the culture of African Americans, Hiphop or urban life.

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Hallaback is social sharing site which means anything you post here can potentially get your video or story to in front of many readers.

Using HallaBack is simple, To post a video or story simply go to the “Post” tab, You will need to signup for a username and password in order to submit to Hallaback.com,  Fill in the require information carefully and hit submit, Your story is then published to the front page.

Please keep in mind before posting on Hallaback, We do not accept off topic videos or stories and we have the right to refuse and delete your content if it does not stay on topic which Hip hop and urban new.

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