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Music Promotion For Hip Hop Artists

Music promotion isn’t easy and can be time consuming for you but thankfully we have all the connects already and can put your music in front of millions in just 1 day.

Benefits of getting featured here on Halla Back?

Depending on the package you choose, We don’t just feature you on the front page like many other sites but we also take it to a whole another level by promoting your music, video or news to other high traffic groups, blogs, press releases and more, All our sources are people interested in the Hip Hop world and not to people who don’t follow hip hop.

Who can we feature?

We can feature just about everyone but keep in mind our audience is predominantly about Hip Hop and Black Culture we can best feature you if you are looking to promote, Hip Hop music, Rappers,  R&B Singers, Urban News, Black Politics, New Hip Hop Artists, Black Gossip, Sports, New Album Release, Mixtapes, Soundcloud Track Promotions and more.


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We offer 3 different packages for you to choose from.


1) Gold – Featured on Halla back front page for 2 weeks. $99.00


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After the completion of your advertising we will email you all work done with links to verify the sites where you can find all our submitted work on your behalf. Don’t hesitate! Trust in one of the biggest name in Hip Hop, Halla Back!

These promotions are for people looking to advertise their music, videos or news. If you are a business looking to advertise your company with us please contact us here

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After payment, You will be redirected to our contact page where you can submit the information you want us to promote such as Music links, Video links, Info description, Social media links or anything else you want us to include when promoting for you.  Once we recieve this information we will contact you to go over everything and make sure everything is ok before we start your campaign.