Hip Hop Marketing For New Artists 101

Your a new Hip Hop artist with talent and you have some dope music you want the world to hear but where does one with such great talent turn too when it’s time to release it? What promo works best to your needs and what don’t?

We have been in the game of Hip Hop promotion for some time now and with experience of knowing what works and don’t we have composed some great ideas to help on your journey for the max exposure to your Hip Hop music promo as possible, The first thing you want to do when introducing yourself as a new artist in a world of wannabes is to established yourself on social media and making a name for yourself because without this in this day and age you will not be known by many people.

Once you have a following and are passionate about being a true artist in the music industry you then want to get your music out there to your following and ask to give honest feedback, 90% of people are going to keep it real with you and let you know whether it is good or bad, Listen to the critics, observe and take it in.

Once your comfortable in your music and your following agrees then comes getting your music really out there by submitting to where the hip hop fans are and that’s Hip Hop blogs, Soundcloud, Hip Hop Groups, Twitter and IG. But it does not stop there be persistent and be passionate, If you don’t believe in your own talent no one else will and again the Hip hop community is saturated so don’t miss your opportunity to shine.

Nobody has it easy in this genre of music but eventually if your that good and stick to it, It’s likely you will get discovered some way some how, also remember to stand out from the rest with your own style and rap delivery never try to “copy” someone else’s swag because 9 out of 10 people do not like hearing and seeing similar artists, They want uniqueness and oriagnal you! In fact, If you ask many hip hop fans they will tell you that there are way to much rap artists sounding the same nowadays, So be original and passionate and different with your delivery.

Finally, Nobody is going to know what you have to offer in the game of Hip Hop unless you do the work, Most times people get discouraged and most likely just give up on their dream of being the next big hip hop star, All the famous rappers you see today are where they are because they didn’t give up, Believe in yourself and go hard for what you believe in.