Hip Hop Music Promotion

Halla back is one of the best places you can turn to if you are a struggling Hip Hop artist or Hip hop group because we have the power to deliver what’s important and that’s EXPOSURE!

We have the passion and the audience to put your music in front of the right eyeballs not just regular everyday people but people who love Hip Hop Music and big music producers looking to find their next big hip hop artist. We have founded in the belief to help talented musicians like Rappers, R&B singers, Hip Hop Groups, Gospel, Pop and dancers find a voice and platform to be heard, There are way to many talented people out here to be ignored, This is where we come in and help those artists looking to step up to the next level.

Halla back offers a free and paid way to get your Hip Hop music exposure you’ve been dreaming of.

Free Hip Hop Promotion

Our free promotions includes, Posting free on hallaback.com which can be in the form of a Video, Soundcloud Link, Images or News stories/Press Releases.  To get the best exposure we recommend genuinely posting,collaborating and making genuine friends here, Be active on posts and share your thoughts and music with others, The more you build yourself the better people will get to know you and your music talent.

Paid Hip Hop Promotion

Paid hip hop promotions include a featured( Top front page for 2 weeks) posting on Hallaback but we take your posting to a whole new level by aggressively getting the world out about your new music, video or news. How do we do this? We will submit your posting to our many connections which include, Other Hip Hop blogs, Groups, Social Media, Email subscribers List(Only Hip Hop subscribers) We will promote you on youtube and through press releases which will send notice to thousands of news outlets, radio stations, podcasts, music producers and a large amount of small news and blog outlets. This can potentially make you go viral or at the very least get you heard and in front of the right people who are looking for an Hip Hop artist like you.

Let a big name in the industry like Halla Back take your music to the next level, To learn more about our paid hip hop promotion packages please go here to signup for our paid Hip Hop promotion program.