How To Use The Site

Please read this fully to help you navigate through the site and familiar yourself to Halla Back.


Registering is really simple here, Simply click the registration button at the top right of the screen to register, You can register by email or through facebook for faster signup.


Posting to Halla Back is as easy as 1..2..3, Once you have register click on the “+” button to the right and choose from NEWS, VIDEO or IMAGE.

Once you have chosen one of the three you can now start posting your content or you can automatically post from a URL, We support Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. You must choose your category you post contains too and the post must match the category you have chosen or you content may be deleted from the site.

Social Networking

Halla back is your ultimate place to submit content and social network with fellow people who have the same interest as you or people who likes what you have posted.  We recommend you network with others by liking, following, commenting, and rating others content and in return people will also connect with you and do the same.

You can also message and connect with other users by clicking on the mail icon next to their profile picture.

Profile & Settings

We highly recommend after signing up that you head right over to your profile settings and start adding your Profile Picture, Bio and Social Links, This lets other people know you better which means more views and friends for you!