Music Promotion

This guide will show you the effective tools that new artists need to know about promoting their music online and which sites work and do not.

Starting out in the music industry isn’t easy and in fact can be somewhat challenging but with the help of online social platforms like facebook, twitter and instagram, Promoting your music online couldn’t get any better but only if you know how to target your audiences and capture there attention and keep it.

First and foremost, You want to signup to all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr because this is where over 500 million people interact daily and finding your niche of music is most likely going to be found on sites like these with the users/fan base you want to target, Fill in your profiles on each social media sites completely and do not fall short when filling out your information on these sites, fill in the about me section along with your picture, URL and any other information people can better understand you and your brand.

Once you have established your presence on these social sites and beginning to build up an audience for your music promotion base you now want to get serious and start networking with other like minded people who are interested in the same music genre as you, This means you want to follow and collab with these people, Post your music to this following and use hashtags in your tweets and post, You want people to like and share your music for maximum exposure to your music promotion efforts.

Not all music promoters online are created equally, After you have built your social following you then want to find some of the best music promotion companies that can help you boost this to a whole new level of marketing your music but do your research because not all music promoters offer what they say or something you can’t do on your own, Check their credentials by reading reviews and checking their history online such as how long they been around, checking their social media connects and just seeing if they are credible, The last thing you want to do is waste precious time and money as this can be very costly if you choose the wrong company who delivers mediocre results.

Last but not least, Try to get your music on as much video sites like Youtube and Soundcloud, This will bring your music promotion to another level if done right, You have to bring flavor to your brand, Don’t just upload your music and expect people to start pouring in listening be creative with your music videos or audio videos, Upload professional album covers which each song with professional description and include links to your social accounts. Put as much information as possible for people to see about you and your music and where to get it. If your music is good and looks professionally done people will see this and take you serious, Music blogs such as Hallaback will pick up on hot new artists and begin listing you on their sites, writing guest post about you and your music and even probably featuring you on their blog.

Music promotion online does not have to be difficult but you have to be consistent and true to your music because if you don’t nobody else will, The music industry is too saturated to be falling short, Go hard and you will eventually see true results and will hopefully grab the attention to music production or music labels.